Friday, 22 June 2007

Long time no blog post.

Yeah i've been a little slack recently (but i like to call that being too busy). So what's happened recently? Not much! I've finished writing the 2nd Year's test. I think its quite challenging and I'm looking forward to how many students fail it. Muahhahaa.
All that's left to do with it is record the dialogues. We did a bit yesterday. It was pretty damn fun. Tell ya the truth i think i have a good radio voice. That would be a fun job i reckon, a radio announcer. Having your voice on the air, brainwashing people with your stupid opionions and mindless drivel. I can surely do that.
The weather is rather shit today. Apparently the rainy season starts today. They said it started last week but they kinda jumped the gun so they changed it. It's been raining all day so good thing i brought my super expensive 1000 yen designer umbrella. Problem is i didnt wear my good shoes so my damn feet are gonna get wet. BAH! Curse you mother nature! And puddles!!!
We're supposed to be having a small barbie on Sunday. I hope it doesn't rain.
Man my eyes are heavy right now, I need to go buy something to wake me up. Cucumber Pepsi anyone?

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Baton twirling music makes Jason go crazy.

After clicking on the damn link to post a new blog entry about 50 times, it finally worked!
Anyways, the weather today is beautiful. Right now theres a lovely breeze coming through the window behind me. It is pleasant.
Also, outside the window behind me are the baton twirlers practicing what baton twirlers do best. Thats right! Twirling!!! However they are practicing to one piece of music which is in a continous loop. This music is having some kind of negative effect on Jason. I fear for his and my own safety.
Moving along, the last couple of days i've been working on the final semester test. It's coming along tediously.
Oh. The baton music just stopped. Yay!!
One of my students today refused to work with a boy. Weird thing is she worked with him for the past 6 weeks. Maybe someone has been spreading bad rumours about him. Bad cootie rumours. Poor guy. Don't worry Masahito. I still think your hair is cool.

Friday, 8 June 2007

Man i'm knackered

I'm really tired. Today was really busy and im hungry coz i didnt eat all of my yucky bento.
My first two classes went really smoothly. I was impressed by my 1st year class (I should give them more credit really) but the 2 classes after lunch really drained me. I really use too much Japanese in those classes but it cant be helped. They're not exactly the sharpest tools in the shed. And I'm not just talking about their English ability.
The other day i started the to make the end of semester test for the 2nd years. Hopefully it should be done by Wednesday but reallistically it wont be done by then.
Oh i also bought my wombat to school. Just for something to throw around in class. Her name is Sydney.

Friday, 1 June 2007

Testing 123. Testing...

All the interview tests are done! Hurrah!! No more asking "Have you ever" questions. Today was pretty tough with 6 classes needing to be tested. I haven't done that kind of work, since, well ever at this school! Tough stuff indeed.
For lunch i bought the bento. It was fried salmon with heaps of other queer looking side dishes. Beans, sausages and eggs mixed together and maybe bamboo was in there too. Still it wasnt that bad. Fridays may now become bento day.
Nothing else really special happened today. Glenn has been busy writing emails to people and Jason has been looking for some nice restaurants in Sakae. Trev actually had to do some teaching today as well as interview tests. HaHHAHAHA. Sucked in.
Hmm i might go for a walk around the school now. Check out the clubs and whatnot. If i can be bothered. Heh.