Thursday, 10 June 2010

2 years later

Wow! Completely forgot about this thing. Again.

Much has happened since the last post.
One of the native teachers went back to Australia with his family and in his place we were blessed with a Canadian. Let's refer to him as Bob.
Bob was a great chap. He used to bring homemade lunches to work. These culinary delights consisted of alot of spices and kimchi. Kimchi is a Korean dish made from pickled or fermented vegetables, typically cabbage. It stinks. It really, really stinks. He was also very great at making dialogues for our listening tests. He came up with some classics like "shinglebin" and "skinkansplin." It's a bit of an inside joke.
Well anyways he worked for us for a year and then went home to become a firefighter, or something.
This April we got another new teacher from Canada, lets call her Clara.
First impressions of her are great. It's certainly very different having a female on staff considering we've been a boys only club for a while now. I've noticed that the amount of flatulence being produced audibly is on the decrease, which is a good thing mind you.

Well i can't be bothered writing anymore. I wanna look at some more pictures of the iPhone 4.
Here's a photo of some playing cards i confiscated a while ago.