Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Test Week

All this week the kids are doing their interview tests. Things have been going pretty smoothly though. The interviews are only 3 mins long so they go by really quickly.
Good things is we get to watch a dvd during the interview. Yesterday was Raiders of the Lost Ark and today was Temple of Doom ("no time for love Doctor Jones") and Charlie and the Chocoloate Factory. The kids really enjoyed Charlie though. It kinda gets old after watching the same first 50 mins for the 4th time though.

Lunch was a kind of satay pork thingy. Not too bad but i didnt like the egg soup thing.

Trevor has been trying to intimidate me with his kung fu moves. Does that class as work place harassment?

Monday, 21 May 2007

How do you spell what?

Nothing really memorable happened today. All classes went really smoothy. My dodgy class was actually pretty good. It's come to a point where i don't worry about them not wanting to study. Afterall, I can't make them study. I'm just gonna let their test results do the speaking for me.
Speaking of test results, starting tomorrow the kids will be having their mid semester tests. That means Tuesday and Wednesday are gonna be half days! WOOOOOO! Plus i've got Thursday and Friday off! Double WOOOOO!
Lunch was curry again today. Oh and a salad. I didn't eat all of it coz i didnt put enough dressing on it. What's the point of eating a salad when it still tastes like salad? I really need to start experimenting a bit more and try something else. But i'm afraid of change.
Benchtalk was good. We talked about bees and home chemistry kits.
Trevor got a personal best on his bike today. 38 minutes. He told me to put that in. No one round here cares though.

Friday, 18 May 2007

Mr Sleepy

This morning was great. The first 2 classes went really smoothly and were alot of fun. I really enjoy teaching them and they all have a great attitude towards English.
I had a good feeling about myself.
Lunch time rocked up and i had a chicken with gravy kinda dish. Not too bad. We then sat outside on a bench and talked about various kinds of stuff.
The first class after lunch was kinda shitty, mainly coz of one little prick. He came late to class and his desk looked like a bomb had imploded. He had pencils all over his desk, his gym uniform was sprawled on the floor and he left his psp out. He then proceeded to put his pencils, one by one, into his pencil case. He also refused to go to his designated seat. I tried to confiscate his psp but he got all shitty and mouthed off at me. I backed off and ignored him. He then went to sleep at his desk. The class went really well after that. Little shit.
My last class was great. Fantastic way to end the day.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

It`s a キリン!

Today was rough. I dont care for 201. The majority of the students are slackers who do no work. They had 20 mins to complete an activity and most of the boys only managed to answer 1 question. Good job! *thumbs up*

1 girl is really good but she is dragged down by the mediocrity of the others.

After lunch i had the all girls class 206. The first 5 mins was tough. I asked them all to stand up. Only 1 girl did. Its not like they dont understand "stand up" its just that they dont do anything without the approval of their friends. Seriously ladies, grow a pair. The good thing is when they do get going they're a fun bunch to teach. And キリン is not English girls.

103 is a rowdy class. Lots of talking and lots of doing nothing from one individual. He wrote nothing on his worksheet. I expect him to fail if he keeps this up.

Wednesday shall be the day when i adopt my "cranky" Ritchie persona. Kids, you wont like me when im angry.

Oh and i've got a damn cold. Its not so bad now coz ive been taking medicine. At least the lotion tissues are soothing for my nose.

Hamburger patty sandwich.

Well i was kinda busy and forgot to write about yesterday. Hmmm let me think. Well my lessons went well. 107 and 105 are really great classes to teach. All the kids are friendly and very positive. Lunch was a disgutingly disguting hamburger patty sandwich. Coz we were late to the cafeteria it was either that or a salad. I shouldve gone with the salad. I really shouldve gone with the salad.
I cant remember what happened after lunch. Nothing too exciting i think.

Monday, 14 May 2007

Case of the Mondays.

Ah Monday. The start of another work week. Actually i dont mind Mondays and i'm quite sure they dont mind me.
I had my low class today. Seriously, about 75% of them have no idea what i'm saying 95% of the time. I think im developing a dislike for them. Oh well! At least i could eat lunch after the agony.
Speaking of lunch i ate fried pork (maybe) with miso sauce. And then the cafeteria was taken over by ninja pirates!! Only kidding. The lunch was good though. I'll take a photo next time.
The rest of the day i did a bit of studying and imagined what it was like to have shoehorn hands. Sublime.

Friday, 11 May 2007


Two posts in one day?? Mercy what is this madness?
Well my classes went smoothly. The morning classes are always a pleasure to teach. My third class was cancelled without my knowing so that was a pleasant surprise.
The last class was a little rowdy but they mean well.
I had a chat to one of the my students about the name "Antonio." He told me that he knew 2 Antonio's. The actor and a Pride fighter. It was fascinating. Still i admire his attempt at only using English.
For lunch i had curry with crab croquette thingies. It was ok.
I also went for a little walk round the school. I saw a few students practice what looked like kendo but with longer sticks. And a brief look at the baton twirlers.
I also drank orange juice. Dont believe me? Here is proof..

Rainy Day

My computer was taken from me so i couldn't write about yesterday.
Sorry to keep you in suspense.
Well yesterday was very rainy so there were no bench visits.
I only taught 1 lesson so the day kinda dragged on and coz i didnt have my computer there wasnt much to do other than study Japanese. I cant remember the last time i did all my Japanese homework. My teacher was pleasantly surprised. I like surprising people.
For lunch i had some kind of fried chicken. It was nice.
It was still raining during home time but luckily i left my umbrella at work so i didn't get wet. Woooo!

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

First Entry

This shall be the first of hopefully daily entries.

Today was a little unnerving.
Children lay on floors struggling from heat exhaustion.
A few were wrapped in colorful Disney blankets.
They looked warm and as if Mickey Mouse was giving them a caressing hug.
Classes went well though.