Friday, 25 January 2008

It's been a while

Had a bit of free time so i thought i'd update my blog.
Well it's been over a month and Christmas has come and gone. It is now really cold and being from Australia i really hate the cold. No, i loathe the cold. Apparently the secret to surving the cold here is to wear scarves, mufflers, scufflers whatever you call them. I've never been a scarf person and i've yet to apprehend the mindset of a scarf wearer, so i am reluctant to wear one. I got pretty close to wearing one today but i chickened out coz i thought i looked like a pompous fool. Maybe next time.
Oh yeah, work. Well classes are going smoothly i guess, this semester is really short and we have had quite a few non teaching days. This is good obviously because we dont have to teach but it's also bad coz we have to cram lessons together for the classes that are behind. I hate doing it coz generally my lessons blow whenever i try to rush through all the material.
We did the secret santa thing last year too. I got this lovely mug and mitten keychain. They have "My favorite mitten!" written on them. Aint that cute. The mug also says "Sweet & Warm." Clearly that means i have an admirer round here. I hope it's a female admirer.
Gus has looked better. His fronds are a little yellow but he's starting to sprout new shoots. I think the secretaries took care of him/her/it during the winter holidays. If it weren't for them he would've been compost.
G is a little sick. I can't remember the last time i had a cold. I think i'm on some kind of record. He better not pass on his cold coz i'll be a little perturbed.
I ate a small apple pie for afternoon tea. It wasn't too bad but it really needed some ice cream to go along with it. Maybe next time.....

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