Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Testing 1 2 3 Testing

We're right in the middle 1st year tests so i have a lot of free time. 2nd years finished last week and all the tests have already been marked and entered in the computer. They all did pretty well. I reckon i gotta make it a bit harder next semester.
Oh and my favorite miserable brothers Youhei and Eiji got 14 and 17 on the test. Out of 64. A monkey would've done better than Youhei. No discredit to the monkey.
There were a few true or false questions but i still left 4 choices to choose from, y'know to check if the kids we're paying attention. Naturally my boys chose 'c' and 'd'. Invalid choices of course.

To keep myself occupied at work I've been doing a bit of reading and making Simpson avatars . I think the one i made of Trev is the best.

Gus is doing well. His foliage is turning a little yellow i just think he needs more sunlight or water or perhaps a combination of both.

We've got our Christmas party on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to eating some turkey. Should be good. I still gotta buy some presents for it though and i don't have any concrete ideas. Bugger.

Well i think i'm gonna get back to some reading. Will is cooking Lyra an omelette and i wanna know how it turns out.

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