Thursday, 4 October 2007

4 day weekend baby!!

Well today is Friday. Well technically it's Thursday but i dont have to work tomorrow. Plus i dont have to work on Monday coz its a public holiday. Know what that means? 4 day weekend!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!
I'm finally gonna have time to play heaps of Halo 3. Ahem....
Nothing much happened this week. Monday i did yoga for the first time as favour for a friend. I pulled both my calf muscles and yelled alot of swear words. I may have frightened the other students in doing so. Oh well. I must say i got pretty damn sweaty, much more than i anticipated.
Work seemed to feel extra slow this week. Dunno why. Just was. I had a couple of shocker lessons too. Well not really bad lessons, just really crap and odd students. I've got this one boy who is year 10. He points at me and says "you're cool." Now, i'm not going to argue with him but he doesnt need to do it every 5 mins. I can also do without the staring at my crotch too.
Then there is Youhei. He is a year 11. He failed Oral English last year. He is miserable in every sense of the word. However, he has nice hair. Today he was in class and i told him to copy what was on the board. He had no pencils or pens so he used his lovely set of crayons. MOTHER FUCKING CRAYONS!! He was so slow in reading the blackboard so i tried dictating to him. I said, "He is the man who ......." He wrote, "He is the man food......." in jumbo incomprehensible blue crayon which took up the entire span of the worksheet. I had a good laugh. Now, im not a bad person but cmon, what teenager doesnt bring pens to school only crayons?
Anyways, I'm home now drinking a beer. I've got Japanese class in an hour. I really don't wanna go.
Maybe i should wag it. Or bring my crayons.


Ben said...

Crayons are cool....and artistic!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Ahhh... such a different world to life over here.... Enjoy your 4 day weekend.

Oh, and by the way, Did Trev tell you that you ignored me when I said hi to you in Nagoya one day.....?

Ritchie said...

no he didnt.
I mustn't have recognised you.
I don't ignore people unless they have done something bad to me.

Ritchie said...

so sorry of course!

Jell xoxo said...

*Coughs* Ritchie....I can remember having to lend you a pen in year 11 cos you only brought a crayon! Now...cmon...have some compassion for the poor boy, i took pity on you! Otherwise you would have been doing calculus with your pretty pink wind up crayon thing that you had brought in!!!! xoxo