Friday, 23 May 2008

Yay new post!!

Wow, I completely forgot about this thing.

Anyways time for some updates. The new school year has begun and things are going pretty smoothly so far. I don't have any shitty classes, just a few forgettable ones. I really don't like teaching 202. They are so damn quiet. I feel like a comedian in the middle of a dreadful routine. I'm just waiting for the students to start heckling me and throw overripe fruit and vegetables. Especially tomatoes. People always bring tomatoes.

I only teach 2 first year classes this year, which is a bit disappointing. I like teaching the first years, they're easily impressed. Instead i teach the third years listening. Now teaching listening is a piece of piss but it's not really that fun. Hell, if its not fun for me imagine what it's like for the students. Poor buggers. Sux to be them. HAHHA

Oh yeah. The other day there was a tanuki sighting at our school. A tanuki is a raccoon dog. We had a little bit of free time so we did some research. A tanuki is more closely related to a dog than a raccoon. They are native to China, Korea and Japan. They eat all kinds of shit from bugs to seeds and flowers. Tanuki's are wussy animals and prefer to run away than fight. Anyways the tanuki we had at school looked nothing like this picture. I didn't see him but he looked like he was on his death bed. He was all mangey looking and looked like he welcomed the trip to Tanuki heaven. Or Tanuki hell, if he was a naughty Tanuki. So all the best Mr. Tanuki. I hope you things turn out well for you.

The baton twirling music has started again. It may be a remix CD though. Regardless it's still shit.

We started our interview tests the other day. It went ok. The crap students did crap and good ones did good. I mean, well. The dvd for this semester is Edward Scissors hand. I remember watching that movie back when it was a new release video!! I freaked me out back then. I may have to borrow the DVD later, Tim Burton rocks.

No beer tonight it seems. Thomas rode his bike and Geoff has to go to the hospital and Justin is too busy listening to baton twirling music.
Tis' a shame. Today was a good day to go for a beer. I may have to improvise.